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drumatical theatre

the power of simplicity

Tom & Domino Blue are the Creative and production force behind the Productions of „Drumatical Theatre“.
As a Husband and wife team, each of them is a talented expert in a specific field and discilpline of art. Domino is a gifted actress, dancer and singer, with many years of classical voice training to her credit. She is a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory of Music, she was a member of the Vienna Opera Ensemble for four years. Whether or not she performs herself in the productions, she dictates the highest artistic and performance standards of herself and of her performers.
Tom Blue on the other hand is a visionary composer arranger, producer and director, with many years of experience internationally.
The productions of Tom & Domino Blue benefit greatly from the multi dimensional Artistic Direction of these two gifted artists, working in synergy.


up to
Up to 40 experienced – professional Drummers 22 Dancers – classical / modern
24 Acrobats
the outstanding female singer - Domino Blue

A stirring energetic show featuring percussion, modern & Classical dance and classical vocals.
The computerrized 3D light design visualizes rhythm and percussion and creates outstanding stage designs made of light and shadow.

In an exiting crossover the drummer ́s choreography move in perfect tune with the language of the music, light & fire

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Alle Videos

Alle Videos

blue hair artist
music - domino blue - performance artist
percussion show
The imperial crown Chronicles I

drumatical theatre - Living Curtain


drumatical theatre IGT 2016- 21

drumatical theatre 21

Fire - LED drums by drumatical theatre

Fire - Taiko drumming by drumatical theatre

domino blue - la vita

domino blue - painted sunshine

Power of Simplicity


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drumatical theatre

phone +43 676 9709642

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